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What Makes USRN ElitesReview Unique ?

Our Testing Strategies are specific and build students confidently for the NCLEX-RN. ElitesReview's exclusive and confident focus is nurturing nurses to pass the NCLEX-RN ® exam on their first attempt. USRN ELITES have consistently produced several USRNs through our Top-notch Teaching Skills, Live Discussions, Study Plan, Assessment and Readiness Tests and Group Discussion that aim to test your content level and to also acquire knowledge from other test takers like you. We have interactive platforms to ask questions and get response within the shortest possible time. Our dedicated Tutors have have the experience, patience and as well understand the needs (strength and weakness) of their students. That is what we do each passing second.

  • Assist with Job Finding
  • Post NCLEX Support
  • Cost Friendly
  • Student Focused

Frequently Asked Question.

NCLEX-RN is a complex process that demands time , dedication and sacrifice to make it happen.

USRN ElitesReview has 16weeks and 8weeks Tuition duration. We advice a beginner to have at least 16 weeks of tuition be able to build a strong content to pass the NCLEX-RN Test.

ElitesReview is an online resource organized to prepare nursing students for the NCLEX-RN®. We build you with the NCLEX-RN ® skills and strategies, clinical judgment knowledge , numerous NCLEX-RN Sample questions with video explanations led by experienced registered nurses, and a question bank of high-yield NCLEX-RN ®-style questions.  

ElitesReview is organized by a team of committed, experienced and passionate nurse educators who are committed to building the best NCLEX-RN ® review contents from different clinical specialties and teaching backgrounds. We are Registered Nurses with unique desire to educate and inculcate clinical judgment skills into our future nurses; like you!.

ElitesReview's contents challenge and promote critical-thinking and nursing judgments, which place you at a good stand for the actual NCLEX-RN exam. In addition, it is very affordable with readiness assessments, live and recorded videos.

Our contents are structured to help prepare students for the NCLEX-RN® exam. Notwithstanding, the CGFNS exam tests highly similar content with only minor differences. We have heard from students that learning with our structured content was helpful to prepare for the CGFNS exam as well.

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